SOLD: 141± Acres

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200 E 1330 Road, Baldwin, Kansas


Land Sale Details

On paper, the Corral family was only the second to own the property since the Civil War. Although the family didn’t want to sell, they no longer had anyone close enough to the property to maintain it and knew it was time to sell. It was Kelvin’s ALC credentials that brought him this lead from a Tulsa-based broker.

Selling the land was an emotional thing for the family. With that in mind, it was important to use care and sensitivity throughout the selling process. Kelvin knew he had to find, not just any buyer, but the right buyer. The property also had other unique challenges.

Once a listing price was agreed upon, it only took a couple of months for the right buyer to take note of the property. A neighboring land owner recognized the opportunity to expand his ownership in the area. He made a cash offer and a commitment to take care of the land. At the end of the transaction, all parties were pleased with the outcome, including the third-party, pre-existing land owner.

Location: 1 mile east of Hwy 59 and 1 mile south of Hwy 56
Sale price: $420,000.00
Size: 141± acres
Seller: Jeanie Corral

Jeanie says ...

“Words do not adequately express my gratitude, appreciation and pleasure to be able to work with a truly professional land man, in every aspect. You took time to hear and really listen to what I shared with you regarding the farm, and in spite of my own regrets at not being able to “be there”, you were able to find someone who is there.”

Jeanie Corral, Land Owner